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Report on Children’s and Young People’s Reading 2021 (Denmark)

The project “New knowledge: Children and young people’s reading pleasure and reading communities” is based on a partnership between the Center for Applied School Research and the think tank Fremtidens Libraries. The focal point is a new, national survey of reading and media habits among children and young people in 5th to 8th grade. The study’s title is “Children and young people’s reading 2021”, and it follows a similar survey from 2017.

The project contributes new knowledge and insight into how Danish students’ enjoyment of reading as well as reading and media habits have changed over the past four years in light of digital development.

The study Children and young people’s reading 2021 is published by Aarhus University Press and paints a versatile and nuanced picture of children and young people’s reading and media habits. The book (in Danish) also provides professional recommendations and inspiration for how schools and libraries can strengthen children’s and young people’s reading.

The report “Children’s and Young People’s Reading 2021” contains findings from quantitative and qualitative research. With the report, they wish to contribute new and nuanced knowledge from a vital field of study with many different actors as stakeholders. They hope that teachers, pedagogues, librarians and decision-makers will use the report and its recommendations as a shared point of departure for the continued work with children’s and young people’s joy of reading and reading communities.

English summary report was conducted by Stine Reinholdt Hansen, Thomas Illum Hansen & Morten Pettersson, selection for an English summary and non-professional translation was made by Mikkel Christoffersen.

You can download the report in English here.

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