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We welcome and encourage all European countries to take part of NAPLE. If you are the national authority for public libraries in your country and it is not already represented in NAPLE do not hesitate to contact us.

Currently there are no membership fees.

NAPLE members by organisation

Country Member Type of organisation
England and Wales Libraries Connected Library Association
Germany German Library Association Library Association
Greece Association of Greek Librarians and Information Scientists Library Association
Switzerland Bibliosuisse Library Association
Belgium (Flanders) Department of Culture, Youth and Media Ministry
Croatia Ministry of Culture and Media Ministry
Estonia Republic of Estonia Ministry of Culture Ministry
Finland Ministry of Education and Culture Ministry
Lithuania Ministry of Culture Ministry
Portugal DGLAB – General Directorate for Book, Archives and Libraries Ministry
Spain Ministry of Culture and Sports Ministry
Czech Republic National Library National Library
Georgia The National Parliamentary Library of Georgia National Library
Hungary Hungarian Library Institute at the National Szechenyi Library National Library
Netherlands Koninklijke Bibliotheek (KB) National Library
Norway National Library of Norway National Library
Poland The National Library of Poland National Library
Sweden National Library of Sweden National Library
Ukraine National Library National Library
Denmark Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces National/State Agency
Ireland Libraries Development, Local Government Management Agency (LGMA) National/State Agency
Scotland Scottish Library and Information Council National/State Agency
Northern Ireland Libraries Northern Ireland Other (Public library authority for Northern Ireland)
Slovenia Ljubljana City Library Other (Public library)
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