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Public Libraries and COVID-19: Tour of Europe – article in An Leabharlann Volume 29: Issue 2, October 2020

‘Public Libraries and COVID-19: Tour of Europe’ is the title of an article published in Irish library journal An Leabharlann (Volume 29: Issue 2 October 2020). The article combines the two reports produced by NAPLE to summarise the measures taken in response to COVID-19 in public libraries in 20 NAPLE member countries between April-July 2020.

The information contained in the reports is based on responses from NAPLE members submitted to a shared spreadsheet between March 20th and July 14th 2020. As such it should be seen as a snapshot of this period.

The reports and consequently the article have been possible thanks to the contributions of NAPLE members and colleagues from the following countries: Belgium (Flanders); Croatia; Czech Republic; Denmark; England; Estonia; Finland; France; Germany; Greece; Ireland; Lithuania; Norway; Netherlands; Poland, Portugal; Scotland; Slovenia; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; and Wales.

Public Libraries and COVID-19: Tour of Europe

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