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Libraries for Ukraine

We – EBLIDANAPLE and Public Libraries 2030 – call upon this tradition of libraries to give a warm welcome, a safe place to Ukrainian refugees during this difficult time. Provide them with whatever support they can offer, books and other media as well as access to information and education.

As far as possible, libraries may help continue refugees’ education, especially of children and young people, and organise courses to acquire first elements of the language of the hosting countries. We also urge libraries to connect with national and local organizations that provide assistance (Sanctuary cities, Sant’Egidio community, etc.).

As library hub, EBLIDA is opening this webpage for exchange and we invite all initiators of initiatives for refugees to link with us in order to share ideas, good practices or ask questions.

Please use the form from EBLIDA webpage to submit links (ULRs) of European Libraries, Library Associations and Archives with example of a potential way(s) to help Ukrainian refugees to be added to our collection.

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